LARPer Dave and cheerleader Jasmine win Beauty and the Geek 4; CW casting for fifth season

The fourth season of Beauty and the Geek concluded last night, and Dave and Jasmine were selected by viewers as the winner of the $250,000 prize. They defeated the show’s first-ever reversed couple, CW actor Sam Horrigan and musicology student Nicole Morgan. (The full episode is online.)

Even David and Jasmine don’t know what the final voting percentages were, but they do reveal that they were asked to fake their win scene repeatedly. “It really was a sort of surreal experience in that it didn’t feel like I was winning a game show, it felt like I was pretending to win a game show,” David told Reality TV World. Jasmine adds, “We did takes like three times. … And it was just like, ‘And the winner is…’ I was like, ‘Okay… Act surprised!'”

David, by the way, says he won’t be pursuing a relationship with Nicole. “I think it is clear that we will continue to be friends, but I don’t see any romance developing between us… Unfortunately,” he said.

Meanwhile, The CW is currently casting for a fifth season of the series. Applications are due Dec. 11; open casting calls will be held in California this weekend.

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