List of top 50 American Idol contestants revealed

A list of the top 50 American Idol 7 contestants has been revealed online, and the fact that many are each other’s friends on MySpace might actually prove its validity.

An participant who goes by the name JoesPlace “has listed the names, ages, home cities and MySpace pages of contestants fortunate enough to actually make it to Hollywood … [a]nd it appears that the list may be legit, based on information contained within the MySpace pages of the supposed ‘Idol’ contenders,” MTV News reports. That’s because “a casual perusal of the MySpace pages of several of the reported finalists, one immediately notices that all of those on the list seem to know each other.” And “some ‘Idol’ hopefuls — both in the running and out — … verified that at least some of the names appear to be legit.”

MTV News reports that attempts “to contact some of the names on the list for interviews” were met with comments that suggested the list was accurate, such as “I would love to talk with you, but being that I’m still under contract with them until the show airs, everything is confidential until then.”

Here’s the full list from JoesPlace, which includes links to photographs, social networking sites, and other details.

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