Two women arrested for attack on Top Chef’s Josie after she filed a complaint about police

Two women have been arrested and charged with crimes related to the September attack on Top Chef 2 contestant Josie Smith-Malave and three other women, during which the attackers yelled anti-gay slurs.

Melissa Trimarchi and Elizabeth Borroughs were charged with misdemeanor assault and aggravated harassment, respectively, and will appear in court separately this week and next. Earlier, “[a] homeless man, Matthew W. Walli, 20, was accused of stealing a victim’s video camera during the attack,” the AP reports

On Friday, the day before police announced the arrests, Josie “filed a complaint against the police department, saying it has failed to vigorously pursue all suspects or file serious enough charges against two suspects linked to the crime,” Newsday reported.

During a news conference, Josie’s lawyer said, “What police had told everyone was that this would be treated as a hate crime,” but said the police department “has broken its promise to the public and to my clients to treat the vicious attack … as the violent hate crime it was.” A police spokesperson said on Friday, “The commissioner of police has been personally monitoring this case.”

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