MTV deletes Trisha from Real World Sydney group photo

Real World Sydney cast member Trisha has disappeared from the group photo on the show’s site, adding to speculation that she’ll be forced to leave the show on Wednesday’s episode. Previews for episode 16 show her pushing Parisa, although as we learned with the Denver season, pushing and shoving isn’t enough for producers to send someone home.

That Trisha leaves was confirmed by a Vevmo discussion board participant named Katiedid, who asked peripheral cast member Alex via MySpace what happened, and says he wrote, “They had a vote and it was down to Parisa to decide if she wanted her there or not.. Parisa said no!” He also wrote that she won’t be replaced: “Nop, Ash is the last one.. Stays at six.”

She’d be the second cast member to leave the series this season; Shauvon left earlier in the season to be with her boyfriend, and was replaced by a new cast member named Ashli on last Wednesday’s episode. (MTV hasn’t bothered to add her to the list of cast members yet. Apparently, the network cares as little about the show as the rest of the world.)

When the season began, before everyone forgot that the show was even on anymore, Trisha’s controversial comments about a fast-food employee made news.

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