Hills producers casting “key roles” for Heidi and Spencer’s wedding

Producers for MTV’s E! Online’s Kristin reports.

“Sources close to the show tell me that producers are currently in the process of casting ‘key roles’ for Spencer and Heidi’s upcoming wedding,” E! reports. “We’re hearing that Roxy Olin (daughter of Brothers & Sisters’ Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig), whom you’ll remember as Jason Lewis’ girlfriend on B&S, is in final talks to be ‘cast’ as Heidi’s Maid of Honor!”

Why do this? Kristin suggests that it may be because “(a) our beloved Speidi have no real friends to take part in the ceremony, (b) producers want to control the look and drama and script of the wedding or (c) more than just the I do’s are gonna be scripted at this wedding!”

The veracity of The Hills has been crumbling these past few weeks, and that the producers would cast actors for roles on the show isn’t surprising at all, considering that an actor recently revealed that he was cast by producers for a semi-scripted date with Lauren.

WTF? The Hills Is Casting for Speidi’s Wedding [E!]