The Amazing Race 12 debuts, delayed again by football

The Amazing Race 12 debuted last night, and once again, the east coast broadcast did not start on time.

Stupid-ass football apparently ran over time, and thus so did the start of the race, thanks to CBS’ decision to air the series on Sundays when this seems to happen every damn week, and by the network’s stubborn insistence upon airing all of Andy Rooney’s insipid nonsense instead of going straight to Phil.

The big problem is for DVR users like me. Having been screwed over by this in the past, I even tried to set my DVR to record an extra hour of the show, but it switched over to record Dexter and Tell Me You Love Me instead, because I hadn’t thought to cancel those recordings. And to pour salt in an open wound and then chop off the limb with a rusty ax, CBS does not offer the show online. I can watch Guiding Light, CSI: Miami, or The Rules of Engagement, but not The Amazing Race. Bastards.

Of course, I’m only actually pissed because I was looking forward to starting my week with a brand-new season of The Amazing Race, and now I have only 25 minutes, with commercials. And who wants to start the adrenaline rush only to be denied the conclusion?

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