Magazine’s cover identifies Survivor China contestant as “Million Dollar” person

The cover of a national magazine identifies a contestant still on Survivor China as the “million dollar [person],” potentially spoiling the outcome of the show. However, the interview with the contestant inside reveals nothing about the show or its outcome, and the cover line may just refer to the potential for that contestant to win the show’s prize. In addition, since the final votes won’t be read until the live show in mid-December, no one actually knows the outcome right now, so it’s extremely unlikely this is anything other than a copy writer trying to be sensational.

(Stop reading now if you don’t want to know the contestant’s identity.) Instinct magazine, which calls itself “America’s #1 gay men’s magazine,” has Todd Herzog on its December cover. In that photo, The Malcontent blog notes, “[t]he outfit Herzog wears on the cover is the same as the one for the photo accompanying the article, which is in turn the same exact photo CBS is using for Herzog’s publicity still.”

Beyond the cover line, which says in full, “Exclusive!/Million $Dollar$ Man/Survivor China’s Todd Herzog,” the magazine reveals nothing. The interview is a lame Q&A, which according to The Malcontent contains only “a couple of desultory questions about the only thing truly interesting about Herzog, i.e., his presence on a major reality TV show,” and then questions such as, “We’ve heard you love the Spice Girls: What are your top three reasons why?”

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