Marc Jacobs, Curtis Sliwa want their own reality shows

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs and Guardian Angels’ creator Curtis Sliwa both want their own reality shows.

“I’m really into my life right now,” Jacobs told New York Magazine. He says the show would be about “Everything, all aspects of my life. All the drama, the intrigue, the sex, the romance, the work. I’m a shameless human being. … The whole thing’s sort of egotistical, I suppose. But I do find myself entertaining,” he said.

But he also said that he’d want his show to be positive and fun. “What really troubles me about some of these shows is that the entertainment comes from putting other people down. That’s just sort of a sad commentary. I love The Osbournes and stuff like that–nothing is crazier than real life.”

While he doesn’t yet have a network or producers or much more than an idea, he does have a supporter in Tim Gunn. God knows Marc has a fascinating life, and he looks great. I’d watch,” Tim told the magazine.

Meanwhile, Curtis Sliwa was followed by a producer in New Orleans for four days, and that producer, Shaun Sanghani, told the New York Daily News that he’s received “an onslaught of offers” and will have a production company set to film Sliwa and the Guardian Angels “in the next 10 days.” Sanghani said, “The Guardian Angels are a great bunch of selfless people that want to do a lot of good. Nothing like this has ever been on television before.” And Silwa said that New Orleans is the perfect setting. “Parts of New Orleans are still lawless. Crime runs rampant. The local people depend on the Guardian Angels,” he said.

With Dog the Bounty Hunter now off the air, Sanghani said A&E is “a front-runner” for the series, but an A&E spokesperson said there were no discussions. “While it’s certainly possible, nothing is imminent,” the spokesperson said.

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