FremantleMedia files for trademark of Country Keynotes, a country American Idol?

FremantleMedia North America has filed five applications for trademarks relating to the phrase Country Keynotes, which is identified in one application as “a television game show.” The other four applications are for use of that phrase on toys; clothing; paper goods such as books, magazines, calendars, and posters; and audio and video uses such as CDs, video games, MP3 players, and more.

That “might be ‘AI: Country Edition’?”, as the blog that first noticed the applications, Trivial TV, notes.

The applications, viewable by searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database, were filed on Oct. 16, and are numbers 77305450, 77305449, 77305448, 77305446, and 77305442. They’re currently classified as “Newly filed application, not yet assigned to an examining attorney.”

They’re amusing because they cover lots of ground. For example, the toys application says that Fremantle may use the term on

“…bows and arrows, balls of all kinds, dolls, doll playsets, plush toys, toy vehicles, toy cars, toy trucks, toy bucket and shovel sets, roller skates, toy model hobbycraft kits, toy rockets, toy guns, toy holsters, musical toys, jigsaw puzzles, badminton sets, bubble making wands and solution sets, toy figurines, toy banks, puppets, toy balloons, yo-yos, skateboards, scooters, face masks, stand alone video game machines, LCD game machines, hand held unit for playing electronic games, but specifically excluding dice games and computer software games, lottery tickets and lottery games; coin-operated video games; arcade games; and related goods.”

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