Sabrina Bryan finally confirms she’s dating Dancing partner Mark

After being coy about the subject last week, Sabrina Bryan has confirmed to TV Guide that she and her Dancing with the Stars 5 partner Mark Ballas are dating, sort of.

Sabrina says, “I absolutely love and adore him.” However, dating didn’t occur to them until after they were voted off. “We’ve been so focused on the competition. But now that that has died down, we’ll see where it goes. We haven’t had a chance to do any of that [dating] or even talk about it. We didn’t even realize that people would think that about us until they started asking us. Because you get so close to someone, you get so comfortable, that you don’t even see it,” she said.

She says Mark is “just so close to me. … And the fact that Mark and I were able to get so close so quickly was so awesome. It made everything so comfortable. It made me able to trust him in ways that would’ve stopped or held back my performances had I not trusted him.”

“When I walked into the rehearsal hall the first day and found out who my partner was, it was so exciting. I would’ve been happy with anyone, but I think he has a really cool edge. And he’s incredible. He was [fourth season champ] Julianne Hough’s partner for five years, so you know he’s good,” Sabrina said.

Exclusive! Dancing with the Stars Romance Revealed: “I Absolutely Love and Adore Him!” [TV Guide]