Judges turn on Marie Osmond during Dancing with the Stars 5 finale

After the Dancing with the Stars 5 finale, Marie Osmond ended up in third place with the lowest score of any couple in the past month, since the contestants started performing twice each episode. Her staying power apparently led the judges to do their best to knock her out of the competition. Len Goodman told her at one point, “technically, you’re not the strongest of our finalists,” but he did say she was entertaining.

Marie previewed her freestyle dance by saying, “I am one of the top doll designers in the world,” and she was dressed as a doll for her routine, which Bruno Tonioli called “the loopiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He also said it “defies criticism” and is “not a dance,” but did say it reminded him of Baby Jane and Bride of Chucky. Marie protested, “but I’m a doll designer!” as if the fact that she makes creepy facsimiles of her dancing self justifies bad dancing.

Marie left with a total of 46 points from the judges for her samba and freestyle routines. Helio and Julianne had a total of 54 points for their jive and freestyle dances, while Mel B. and Maksim had 55 for their cha-cha and freestyle routines. On tonight’s two-hour finale, which starts at 9 p.m. ET, one couple will be eliminated, and the other two will dance a final dance that will be scored by the judges.