Big Brother 9 won’t have America’s Player but “will be different from any other” season

The upcoming winter season of Big Brother 9 will not contain last summer’s twist America’s Player, which allowed the producers to control the game and act arbitrarily while generating revenue from text message votes.

“That’s really hard to do twice. Anyone coming to be a part of ‘Big Brother’ this year would know about it and we’d hate to have people act differently because they think that the viewers are in control. … That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t return in some other way, but doing exactly what we did again, no,” executive producer Allison Grodner told the New York Daily News.

However, she says viewers should expect something different. “We really want it to stand out. We want it to be special, because we’ve never done something like this before. I promise you it will be different from any other ‘Big Brother’ you’ve ever seen.” Hey, maybe you could not manipulate the outcome to fit your narrative?

Casting for the new season starts this weekend, but Grodner says that the debut date is uncertain. “We have been told by CBS to get ready for anything, so there’s nothing that is certain at this point. It is a wait-and-see. We are preparing for anything,” she said.

For ‘Big Brother,’ the winter of new content [New York Daily News]