Big Brother’s background checks won’t necessarily “take you out of [the] running”

Ever wonder how Big Brother ends up with quasi-psychotic criminals on the show? The series’ casting director says that most things that might come up during the background check are dealbreakers.

“There is not much in the background check process that will take you out of running,” Robyn Kass tells Reality Wanted. “In short tell us everything up front. If we find you did something that you did not disclose prior there may be a problem. Don’t lie. Surprises are the worst. If something does come up, we may assume there are additional things you are hiding from us. If we know everything prior, we are not blindsided and we can properly deal with those issues,” she said.

The admission is not all that surprising, considering that season three cast member Chiara was arrested for DUI while the casting process was underway, and plenty of other contestants have had criminal pasts.

The show is currently casting for Big Brother 9 contestants, and Kass says they need applicants because most interested people “don’t take the time to apply and send in an audition video. The majority of tapes are repeat applicants,” she said. Applications are due April 13, 2008, and will be for next summer’s show, assuming the series doesn’t air an edition in March.

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