Mike “Boogie” Malin jailed in Denver “for allegedly assaulting a waitress”

Big Brother 7 winner Mike “Boogie” Malin spent time in jail last week in Denver, where he was for the World Series, according to a report.

“Malin is working with his legal team to properly handle the misunderstanding and the charges,” a spokesperson for Mike’s company the Dolce Group told Eater LA, confirming that he had been charged with something in Denver.

Eater LA reports that “Mike Malin spent 15 hours in a jail cell following Game 4 of the World Series ‘for allegedly assaulting a waitress at a local sports bar.'” The type of alleged assault is unknown.

Mike most recently appeared on Dr. 90210, getting a genital wart removed from his penis and flaunting his promiscuity.

Update: The Smoking Gun has his mug shot.

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