VH1 debuts Gotti’s Way and the Salt-N-Pepa Show tonight

VH1 just keeps churning out celebreality shows, adding two more to their lineup tonight.

First, at 10 p.m. ET, The Salt-N-Pepa Show follows Surreal Life star Pepa (Sandy Denton) and Salt (Cheryl James) as they try to reunite. VH1’s summary for the first episode sets up the series by posing questions: “Can Grammy Award-winning rap duo Salt-N-Pepa work together again? Better yet, can they be in the same room without killing each other? … Can they reconcile their provocative stage personas with Salt’s new-found spirituality? … Can Pepa do her thing without offending the congregation?” As to the other member of the trio, DJ Spinderella (Deidra Roper), Pepa tells VH1, “She lives in L.A. She has her thing, her DJing. She has her own radio show and she DJs all over the country. But we definitely incorporated her.”

At 10:30, the network debuts Gotti’s Way, which has nothing to do with the Gottis followed for A&E’s reality series. Instead, it follows Irv Gotti, founder of Murder Inc. Records, who was acquited of federal money laundering charges two years ago. “Now,” VH1 says, “with fresh ink on a new record deal, Irv Gotti intends to reclaim his rightful place in music history by leading Murder Inc., back to the top of the charts and the center of hip-hop. And he intends to do it while holding together his unusual relationship with Deb, and being there as a good father to his kids.”

Irv Gotti was originally reluctant to do the series when approached by executive producer Chris Abrego; he tells Newsday that he said, “VH1 is into clowning … I like the — that y’all do, but I’m not the funny guy and you’re not clowning me.” But he liked the pilot Abrego shot, and now says his series is “business and the family — it’s 50-50. It’s like Tony Soprano is running around with his Mafia family and then he’s got Carmela and his family at home.”

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