Living on the Edge, MTV UK’s version of Laguna Beach, debuts Sunday

Laguna Beach‘s brand of wealthy, vapid teenagers doesn’t seem like an easily-exported commodity, but MTV has found a location in the UK that will play host to a British spin-off of its docudrama. Living on the Edge debuts Sunday at 8 on MTV UK, and “follows the lives and loves of 10 glamorous and beautiful teens living in the lap of luxury” in the “area that boasts more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else in the UK,” according to the network.

One of the show’s cast members, Stephen Beard, argues that even though he and his fellow cast members are filthy rich, poor teenagers will be able to connect with them. “Alderley Edge is quite an upmarket area but I think all teens will be able to relate to the sort of problems we have. In Alderley Edge, you are more likely to live near a Manchester United footballer than a normal person. But it’s not about what school you went to, all kids have the same problems,” he told The Sun.

The show was filmed in HD by Lime Pictures, which also produces the fictional Hollyoaks. Still, the show’s assistant producer, Rebecca Hall, insists that everything is real. “[T]he beauty of LB & LOTE is that the ‘characters’ in it are all 100% real people whose real life is being unveiled before the cameras. No actors to be sniffed for miles! … Seriously, the amazing thing about this show is that you will watch it and not be quite sure whether you are watching actors or real people. Our group have let us have total access into their thoughts and actions for the whole summer, so there has never been the need to ‘construct’ the drama. It’s already there!” she tells Available For Panto.

Here’s a clip from the show. The two cast members are speaking English, but I can’t understand a word they’re saying. It’s not because of their accents, as I can’t understand a thing anyone on Laguna Beach (and now Newport Harbor) says, either.

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