Real Housewives drops Jo and Slade; are they getting their own series?

When The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo next month for its third season, it will be without cast member Jo De La Rosa or her former boyfriend/current manager Slade Smiley. A Bravo press release named the show’s new housewife, Tamra Barney, but made no mention of Jo or Slade.

Citing their always-dubious anonymous sources, TMZ claims that the couple “declined Bravo’s request for them to star on season three,” but “could be getting their own ‘Hills’-esque spin-off, which will chronicle Jo’s climb to musical stardom.” Those two things don’t seem to fit together, unless their spin-off is for another network, because they’re not turning Bravo down if they’re doing their own show.

But bad blood between the couple and Bravo could also have something to do with their disappearance from the series, as Reality TV World notes. Last spring, the Los Angeles Times reported that Slade “joined [Jo] on TV talk shows, red carpets and promotional events not allowed by Bravo, … [a]nd he spoke to the Los Angeles Times without a Bravo representative — really not allowed.”

“They hate the fact we’ve figured how to take exposure from the show and turn it into something. We’re about making personal relationships in the industry. It comes across when we meet people. We’re not hungry for it. We’re not pushing too hard,” Slade said.

In the same article, however, another housewife, Jeana Keough, spoke on the record about a tension-filled relationship with Bravo, and she’s back this season. Referring to a web site she and other women created, she told the paper that Bravo “threatened to sue if we didn’t remove all pictures of two or more of us together from the Web site. They didn’t want us to mention Bravo in any of our ads or to link with us.” She also said that, “I know we drive them crazy, because we keep trying new things to grow our business from our newfound celebrity.”

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