The Hills’ Spencer wants to be governor, president, and “a billionaire before 30”

Spencer haters, be warned: In an interview, The Hills star not only says he embraces his role as a villian (which almost caused Lauren to back out of the third season), but actually sounds grounded, smart, and together. And he wants to be president.

“I love the bad press. The bottom line is I’m making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders. The Hills is a good breath for people. I do not take it a little bit seriously. I’m an entertainer,” he told Radar. “But people get caught up in the drama and the feuds. It doesn’t affect me one little bit. I think it’s hilarious that someone is in their office typing negative things about me–like, what are you doing with your life that you have to stay at work typing about Spencer Pratt?”

And he’s positively jubilant about his role as a reality TV celebrity. “I’m here and I didn’t harm anybody, get in a car accident, didn’t get a DUI, and didn’t assault anybody. I would rather be this hated guy for not doing any harm to anyone physically. I’m here and I have not been racist or homophobic. There are people out there that you could go after so much more, but I’m the new villain, and that’s hilarious! It’s so cool to be alive,” he said.

As to his often-criticized relationship with Heidi, he says, “I would never tell Heidi what to do. I would never make any decisions where Heidi is not 100 percent in charge. Are you really trying to think Heidi is so crazy that she is brainwashed? She’s in love, I’m in love, we are the happiest we’ve ever been.”

While he’s focused on business for now, and “trying to be a billionaire before 30,” Spencer says, “I definitely want to go into politics later in my life. I plan to be governor at least, and president if possible. … [The show is] not going to affect my politics and things I want to change. It’s going to be about who I want to be and not who I was when I was 20.”

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