Heidi’s blog post taking responsibility for Lauren’s sex tape blamed on a hacker

After Brody Jenner said Spencer Pratt was responsible for spreading rumors about Lauren Conrad’s sex tape on Monday’s episode of The Hills, Heidi Montag’s web site was updated with a blog post that confessed, “Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren’s sex tape.”

But that post is gone and the blog now includes a post saying it was hacked, which Heidi confirmed that to reporters at a charity event yesterday. “My Web site was hacked last night, so I’m not sure what was posted up,” she said, according to People. Spencer joked, “I don’t think [Heidi] would even know how to log in to her Web site. … Right now they’re trying to track down whose IP [address] it was. We got Jack Bauer on it.”

All this came shortly after Monday’s episode of The Hills, during which the sex tape rumors and accusations resurfaced. Jen returned to tell Lauren that Heidi thinks Brody spread the sex tape rumors. When Lauren confronted Brody, he said that he knows “100 percent” that Spencer was responsible for the rumor.

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