Neil gains 17 pounds to “assassinate” Jillian’s team on The Biggest Loser

NBC’s promises that The Biggest Loser 4‘s weigh-in last night would be the most! shocking! ever! actually turned out to be true, as Neil gained 17 pounds for strategic purposes.

After the teams were dissolved and trios formed,
The 25-year-old, who started as the heaviest person in the competition (at 421 pounds), first tried to play it off as if he couldn’t understand why he’d gained that weight, but everyone figured it out. As Isabeau said, “There’s no human way that you can gain 17 pounds in a week. Niel clearly has water-loaded; the only thing I’m concerned about is, I don’t think he would take that risk without having a plan, and I’m sure that there are other people in on the plan, and I’ve been completely blind to it.”

Neil told us, “It wasn’t supposed to be that obvious. Fuck. I promised my blue team before we even broke up, my goal was to keep myself here, and I’ll do everything in my power to try to keep every one of them here, too. So I made a conscious decision that I was going to throw the weight-in. … I knew I had to start playing the game.”

That didn’t make his teammates happy, and it really pissed off the trainers, who had to take time away from whoring sponsors’ products to deal with the aftermath. “Are you kidding me? 17 fucking pounds? Are you fucking kidding me? … I am so fucking mad that I cannot even see straight right now,” Bob told Neil. “That is a slap in the face with everything that we do here at the Biggest Loser.”

Jillian confronted him, too, after telling her own team that “the blue team has launched this master plan to basically assassinate black team members.” She said, “That’s fucking disgusting, Neil. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Yeah, it’s really funny, fucking with other people’s lives. That’s a lot to be proud of.”