Amazing Race 12’s “married ministers” are the show’s first lesbian couple

After 12 seasons, CBS’s Amazing Race has its first lesbian couple. At ages 49 and 65, they are also this season’s oldest team.

CBS identifies them as “married ministers,” and explains on the show’s new web site that “Kate and Pat dated for seven years before tying the knot three years ago. … Kate is an Episcopal priest and has one grown son. … Pat is a vocational deacon in the Episcopal Church and her ministry in the community is to people with disabilities.”

After Ellen notes that the show “has had several gay male couples as well as an out lesbian on a father-daughter team in its 10th season, but Pat and Kate will be the first lesbian couple competing in the race.” The site links to a Ventura County Reporter article about their wedding in which Pat says, “We’re not in your face. But just by being who we are, it knocks down stereotypes.”

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