Survivor China is the most DVRed show, with 2.1 million DVR viewers

Survivor China‘s first episode “was the most DVR-recorded program for the week of Sept. 17-23, … according to Nielsen Media Research’s live plus 7-day ratings data released today,” Mediaweek reports.

2.116 million viewers watched via their DVRs within seven days of the actual broadcast, according to Nielsen numbers released by CBS. That may partially explain its falling overnight ratings; people are watching, just not live. Or perhaps the show is heavily DVRed because viewers want to replay the challenges with half-naked people wrestling in the mud.

Two other CBS shows comprised the only two other reality shows in the DVR top 10: the finale of Big Brother 8 was sixth (with 1.24 million DVR viewers) and the premiere of Kid Nation was eighth (with 1 million additional viewers via DVR).

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