Heidi Klum promises changes on Project Runway 4

When Project Runway 4 debuts in two weeks, there will be some changes in store for the designers, although the show’s stars aren’t saying anything about those twists–or anything else, like the identities of guest judges.

“They are thinking, ‘This is the fourth season, we’ve seen three seasons already, so we kind of know what’s going on here.’ I love it when I can break the news to them that things are going to be a little different,” host Heidi Klum told reporters yesterday, according to the New York Daily News. But she wouldn’t say more.

Tim Gunn talked about the show but in broad, nonspecific terms, saying the fourth season is “our strongest season yet. I have no doubt that people will enjoy this season tremendously. He added that the show is like a drug. “When people tell me they have never seen the show, I tell them not to. It’s like television crack: Once you start watching, you get addicted,” he said. “It’s not just a hit show, it’s become part of our culture. It’s just incredible.”

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