Tim Gunn: “You’re going to get angry at the judges” on Project Runway 4

Tim Gunn’s professorial yet bitchy honesty is a large part of why we love him, and in advance of the Nov. 14 premiere of Project Runway 4, he has some brutal honesty about the judges’ decisions and how viewers will react to those.

At the Baltimore Book Festival Saturday, where he showed up to talk about his book, Tim said, according to TV Squad’s report, “If I’m correct, I think you’re going to get angry every time you see the show. You’re going to get angry at the judges because… I don’t know what they were smoking this season.”

Tim gave one specific example that’s a minor spoiler: “There was one case in particular where I said to the producers […] ‘It’s really too bad that so-and-so’s design is so terrible, because the audience will know right away. The minute they see this, they’re going to know that he’s going home. And I’m just sorry that something else isn’t almost as bad, almost as challenged. Everything else looks really good!… He wins the challenge. He wins! It’s inconceivable. So I went backstage to tell the designer who was out that he or she had to go home, and I turned to him and I said, ‘And you know, I’m stunned and shocked that you won this challenge’ and he said, ‘Well, no one’s more surprised than I am.'”

Despite that, Tim “assured the audience that the fourth cycle will be the best season yet,” according to TV Squad.

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