Advertisers triple as Kid Nation ratings drop

While advertisers were supposedly okay with Kid Nation before it debuted, there were noticeably few advertisements during the show’s first episode: just three, and it took them 38 minutes to appear.

Now, the show “has nearly tripled its number of advertisers since the series premiere,” and “increased the number of advertisers supporting the show to more than 20, up 60 percent from a week ago and nearly triple the number on the series premiere,” according to The New York Times. However, “[s]ome of the advertising commitments were made before the show went on the air,” so they’re not necessarily a direct result of a lack of post-debut controversy.

In the meantime, the show has lost 2 million viewers: last week’s third episode “drew 7.4 million viewers, down from 7.6 million a week earlier and 9.4 million for the series premiere,” according to the Times. But viewers ages 2 to 11 “rose to an estimated 787,000 in the third week from 777,000 for the series premiere.”

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