I Love New York 2 debuts tonight

Culture takes one step further toward tonight as VH1 debuts I Love New York 2 at 10 p.m. ET. VH1’s wonder boys go for more ratings gold with Tiffany Pollard. She will try to find a guy–or at least an excuse for a third season–among 20 guys who have nicknames like “It,” “Wolf,” “Unsure,” “Pretty,” and “Ears” (try to guess who that is by just looking at their photographs), and are hopefully more interesting than those names suggest.

Five of them were chosen by viewers, and in order from number one to five, they are The Entertainer, Ears, Millione, Sweetie Pie, and Mr. Wise. If this show doesn’t work out for them, perhaps they can try out for the third season of Who Wants to be a Superhero.

The first act of the first episode is online, and starts with a scripted New York talking to a hopefully fake therapist, who asks her about her “relationship problems,” as if, you know, she’s had actual relationships. “The network decided to give me my shot at finding love,” she says, as if, you know, there was no other way to find love. She starts the season by saying, “this time, I am going to find a man, even if it kills my ass.”

If that isn’t ridiculously fun enough, the producers shoot Midget Mac during his interviews without moving the camera to center him in the frame, so it’s just him from the chin up. And when New York sees him, she dismisses him immediately and says, “I’m so scared.”

I Love New York 2 [VH1]