Paula Abdul refused to do more Hey Paula, which she says was “disturbing”; wants a child

Paula Abdul says her Bravo reality series “was hard for me to watch. Disturbing,” she tells USA TODAY. As a result, she would not agree to a second season, even though she was asked to do one.

Like so many stars before her, Paula blames the editing. “They’d put a camera on me when I got wind that my dog was in a coma, and they’d make it (seem) like it was about hair and makeup,” she said.

Yet the paper reports that while Paula “felt double-crossed when producers persuaded her to address her widely criticized Idol press junket debacle, in which she seemed disoriented,” she “believes the series portrayed her as an ‘endearing’ person who works hard and is exhausted and a bit dizzy — from sleep deprivation, not booze and drugs.” And “she is in talks with other networks for a new solo show,” according to the paper.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Paula–who’s been dating J.T. Torregiani for the past five months–says she’s ready to spawn. “That’s the next step in my life. Definitely within the next two years. I thought by now I’d have three grown children. … With modern medicine, people are having kids in their 40s and even up until their late 40s,” she says. “In their 50s, they’re having their second child. If it doesn’t happen naturally like that, I would always consider adopting,” she said.

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