FOX filming two back-to-back new seasons of Hell’s Kitchen

FOX has ordered two additional seasons of its summer reality hit Hell’s Kitchen, and is “currently in production on back-to-back cycles,” Variety reports. That fifth season is a new addition, and while the fourth is being produced now, “the show’s Fox publicist confirmed that the edition is still ‘slated to air in Summer 2008′,” according to Reality TV World.

With more chances to eat in the show’s famous dining room, how exactly does one become a diner on Hell’s Kitchen and get the opportunity to have Gordon Ramsay offer to shove a pumpkin up their ass? It’s actually not that easy. A TV Week reporter who dined there says “it took a month of inquiries to land an invite, and then half of the available dates were snatched up within a day.” The show is currently taping its fourth season,

The food there is free, and before they ate, a producer told diners, “This is just like a regular restaurant. You order whatever you want from the menu — one starter, one entrée and one dessert. If the producer comes to your table, talk about the dining experience amongst yourselves and don’t look into the camera. After you’re done, fill out the comment cards about each dish.”

TV Week says that even as Ramsay rages in the kitchen, the show sticks to reality. “A roving camera crew stops at guests’ tables, but otherwise the kitchen and dining service are uninterrupted. For veterans of reality show set visits, where ‘spontaneous’ scenes often require laborious crew positioning and retakes, this sort of documentary-style unobtrusiveness is unusual.”

And the show’s cast doesn’t really want to encourage conflict, as shocking as that may seem. A person at the reporter’s table thought the risotto was salty, and maitre d’ Jean-Phillipe said, I sent back a salty risotto to the chef the other day, I don’t want to do it again.”

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