E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuts tonight

Having cancelled The Simple Life, E! finds another vapid socialite to follow around for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The show debuts at 10:30 p.m. ET, and follows Kim Kardashian and seven members of her family. The show is produced by Bunim-Murray Productions, which also produced Paris and Nicole’s show, and reports called it a “comedic reality series.”

Alas, critics find nothing amusing in the new series. The New York Daily News’ Richard Huff calls it “contrived drama,” and says that while “Kim’s little sister — we’re talking 12 years old — works a stripper pole that Kim got her parents for their 16th anniversary,” “the show just isn’t very interesting, or entertaining. There’s no drama or anything like a real family scenario that would make a viewer feel like coming back. The family breaks no stereotypes of overhyped Hollywood life. They reveal nothing (other than Kim) and the family just isn’t endearing.”

The New York Times’ Ginia Bellafante says “it is purely about some desperate women climbing to the margins of fame, and that feels a lot creepier.” And Variety’s Brian Lowry says “there’s not much of a show here, and no discernible premise,” and adds that “[e]xec producer Ryan Seacrest is tethered to E! in a big way, so it’s understandable the channel would indulge his shallow whims. Fortunately, while they do, the rest of us don’t have to, making it pretty easy to say ‘Seacrest — and Kardashians — out!'”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians [E!]