Discovery’s Endurance: Fiji, Fox Reality’s Search for the Next Elvira debut Saturday

Two reality shows debut Saturday, one a short-term competition and the other a full-season of a long-running show.

Long before Kid Nation, there was Endurance, a Discovery Kids series that is basically Survivor for teenagers. Hosted by ubiquitous producer/host/voice-over guy J.D. Roth (who’s currently narrating his series The Biggest Loser on NBC), the kids don’t vote each other off directly, but there’s plenty of back-stabbing and tears as they compete in challenges and decide which teams to send to the Temple of Fate. There, two teams–generally the least-popular, more awkward kids–play an elaborate game of rock-paper-scissors.

This season, Endurance: Fiji, debuts Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET, and features 16 teenagers; like last season, two of them were selected by viewers on the show’s web site. The show will add a new karma pyramid piece (the team that collects them all, by either earning them or receiving pieces from eliminated teams, wins).

At midnight on Saturday–yes, midnight–the Fox Reality Channel will debut The Search for the Next Elvira. It “follows Elvira as she goes through a gaggle of wannabes to find someone who can withstand the beehive hair-do and the buxom bosoms to be her apprentice,” according to the network. The show will, oddly enough, only last for three episodes, concluding on Halloween with a live finale that reveals who the studio audience selected after the second episode.

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