Bachelor’s Chris Harrison, Extreme Makeover’s Paige want to be on Dancing with the Stars

The fifth season is still going strong but already quasi-celebrities are dropping their names to be cast for Dancing with the Stars 6. Tragically, these aren’t actual stars, but cast members on other ABC reality shows and Disney series.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison, he of the superlative teases and the unnecessary hosting (“for those of you who can’t count, there is just one rose left”), wants to be on the show. “I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’m a big fan and it seems like so much fun,” he told the New York Post. However, he ABC won’t cast him for scheduling reasons. “They said it would be awkward if I was on a show that led into my own show,” he said.

Perhaps they also thought it’d be awkward to cast someone who’s so clearly not a celebrity and just there because he has a connection with ABC. But Dancing‘s producers clearly don’t have a problem casting someone from one of ABC’s other reality shows; Extreme Makeover: Home Edition‘s Paige Hemmis said that it’s just a matter of scheduling her appearance. “It’s not if I do ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ it’s when. The only reason I couldn’t do it this time was that we’re in the middle of our shooting schedule. But maybe by next spring, I’ll be in the clear,” she said.

Another Disney-connected person who wants to do the show and is actually somewhat famous is High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu. “I’d love to do this. I’d go out there and mambo.” However, he told the Post that he might not be able to because of the show’s rules prohibiting celebrities who’ve had formal training. “I don’t know if they’d actually allow me to because I’ve trained in ballroom for two years and I know they don’t want that. The whole point is to show people learning to ballroom dance,” he said.

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