Mark Cuban says Dancing with the Stars is “a weird, humbling experience”

Dancing with the Stars 5 contender Mark Cuban, who came in second-to-last with his partner Kym Johnson last week, is writing online about his experience on the show.

Regarding his second-to-last finish last week, he writes, “It did not feel good to be standing up there having the lowest score for Tuesday night. It definitely hurt. I kept looking to my family as they struggled to smile and show their support. I definitely did not want to go home. I didnt want to go home for my dad, my brothers, my wife, my daughters. For every bit of work i put into the last few weeks. For everytime I went home struggling.”

Once he realized they were save, he writes, “I was happy. I was mad. I was upset. What had I done wrong ? Had i not worked hard enough ? Did people really not care enough about me to vote for me ? Its a weird, humbling experience. But its one I signed up for. I have to take the bad with the good. Ive got to turn this into a positive. We are the underdogs.”

In his latest post, he says that he and Kym are doing the mambo tonight, and says that doing the show has allowed him to show a new side of himself. “For the past 8 years since I bought the Mavs, I have kept my private life 100pct private. In the sports world I expected everyone to characterize me as “the guys who yells at the refs. I really didn’t care what they thought. It isn’t the real me. But it served its purpose. … Doing DWTS has allowed me to show the real me. Its actually fun,” he wrote.

And in an earlier post, he wrote about his reasons for doing the show. “Why am I competing on Dancing with the Stars ? Because its an opportunity to have a blast. Its a blast practicing. 2,3, 4 or more hours just blaze by is if its just minutes. … I’m going to be out there to win, but I promise you no one is going to be having a better time than me. I can promise you that.”

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