Marie Osmond faints while performing live on Dancing with the Stars 5

Marie Osmond passed out during her performance on Dancing with the Stars 5 last night, falling to the ground at the start of the judges’ critique.

She performed first, and afterwards, while Len was talking, her heavy breathing was audible. Marie was standing in front of her partner Jonathan, who had his arms around her, and she fell to the floor with a thud. The insensitive studio audience laughed as if it was some kind of bit, and host Tom Bergeron and Jonathan immediately dropped to the floor to help her. Tom stayed calm and said, “We’re going to take a commercial break, and we’ll be right back after this.” The camera then quickly pulled up toward the audience in the balcony.

Immediately after the break, Tom Bergeron said, “Just so you know, Marie is fine; you’re about to see her backstage. … And I want to just quote her exactly–she passed out, she fainted, as you saw–and the first words out of her mouth when she saw us all leaning over her were, ‘Oh, crap.'” Later, he said, “It’s amazing: In the movies, a swoon is so romantic. On live TV, it scared the crap out of me!”

The judges never finished their critiques, but they all gave her 7s. Backstage, Marie said, “You don’t plan those things. Once in a while that happens to me when I get winded, and I stop breathing! I’m so sorry.” She then joked that she was “sleeping beauty.” Here’s video of the incident:

Marie Osmond Faints on Dancing with the Stars [YouTube]