Dancing with the Stars edits and fakes the audience’s reaction to Marie Osmond’s fainting

When Marie Osmond fainted live on last week’s Dancing with the Stars 5 performance show, the audience initially laughed. But during two recaps of last week’s show during Monday’s performance show, the clip showed the audience gasping in horror instead.

The original laughter, which was followed by stunned silence, is clearly audible on video clips of the incident, and there was no “ooh”ing at all. Yet during the Tom Bergeron-narrated recap, the editors replaced the audio from last week’s live show with some other audio. Tom himself acknowledged and identified with the audience’s awkward reaction, telling Ryan Seacrest, “At first you can hear the audience laugh because they thought, like I did, that it was theatrics.”

But that’s no longer true, at least according to the new Ministry of Truth versions of the incident. The first recap, which came during the opening moments, was heavily stylized, with a booming thud accompanying her fall that eclipsed the thud heard from Marie’s microphone last week. The second preceded their performance toward the end of the episode, and the audience again gasps in horror, with an extended, echoing “ooh.”

At the very least, the editors could have cut from the fall to the aftermath without including the audience’s laughter, rather than revising history with a fictional soundtrack.

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