Lauren “came dangerously close to not doing season three” because of Heidi and Spencer

There almost was not a third season of The Hills, according to its star, because of the feud that has ironically made the series incredibly popular.

“I actually came dangerously close to not doing season three, because I really didn’t want to do the show with Heidi and Spencer. I’m not who they are. I don’t stage my own publicity. I just kind of live my life and do my job, and I don’t want to be grouped with them,” Lauren Conrad told Seventeen magazine, according to People.

However, the show’s producers insisted that Heidi and Spencer stick around. “Heidi and Spencer were always a part of the show, and they can’t all of a sudden make main characters disappear. And so we continue to follow their lives, and the producers keep letting Heidi and Spencer think there’s some hope [that we’ll make up],” Lauren said.

As to her former friendship with Heidi, Lauren said, “Some people are willing to betray years of friendship just to get a little bit of the spotlight. They just want to become famous so badly, and that’s never really made sense to me. I mean, it’s fun to go out and do stuff in Hollywood, but if it was gone tomorrow, I really wouldn’t be disappointed.”

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