Jeff Probst says another all-star Survivor “wouldn’t be a bad idea”

Former cast members are talking about it, people on message boards are talking about it, and now so is the show’s host: Survivor 16, it seems, is very close to being confirmed as the series’ second all-star edition.

“We’re going into our sixteenth season, it wouldn’t be a bad idea,” host Jeff Probst told reporters last week, according to Reality TV World.

“The only thing I can say is that I’ve come around to understanding that even though the All-Stars we did was a pain-in-the-ass from a production point of view, it was one of our best seasons. And it was our best season because we had our best people back. I get that.” However, he added, “I wouldn’t be looking forward to necessarily doing another 20 all-stars, because I know the minute you call them an ‘all-star,’ suddenly the contract has four-page rider on it that they need their green M&Ms removed.”

The last all-star season had a “post-Super Bowl premiere in February 2004 [and] achieved ratings that the series had not reached since the finale of 2001’s Survivor: The Australian Outback and it instantly became the highest rated entertainment broadcast of the 2003-2004 television season,” Reality TV World reminds us. “It continued to do very well — consistently averaging more than 20 million viewers throughout its run — and ended with 24.8 million watching the May 2004 finale.”

With Survivor‘s ratings slipping somewhat, it’s hard to imagine CBS not trying again for that kind of renewed interest.

Jeff Probst: Spring ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ edition “wouldn’t be a bad idea” [Reality TV World]