Jeff Probst’s most difficult decision: “what color of blue shirt to wear” for Tribal Council

Survivor China debuted last night, and CBS has posted the final behind-the-scenes video from the set. This one follows Jeff Probst during a single day, starting as he wakes up at 5:38. He drops off his laundry (“free laundry service”), eats, takes a boat to the challenge, and makes a difficult decision: “what color of blue shirt to wear” for Tribal Council, which is shot at 6:30, at dusk.

He also visits a “white board meeting,” where senior producer David explains that the plan the production of the challenge and “lay it out like it’s a football game.” At a challenge rehearsal, he encounters “a bit of a controversy … because one of the Dream Teamers has figured out what the answer to the puzzle is, so now she can’t participate.” “I figured it out and now they won’t let me play,” Dream Teamer Lindsay says.

Jeff Probst also shows us his ID badge, which is coded CC (challenges), TC (Tribal Council), and P (“Ponderosa, which is where the survivors go once they are voted out”). And at an actual challenge, which is not shown, Jeff says that “challenges are designed to stimulate reality,” and that something happened. “By the time you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about,” he says. Here’s a typical day for Jeff on set:

A Day in the Life of Jeff Probst [YouTube]