Only two Project Runway 4 designers revealed

Bravo is such a tease. Promos saying that designers for Project Runway 4 would be revealed during Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style last night were correct, but only two designers were revealed.

The brief segments introduced Jillian Lewis and Chris March. Those two were on screen for just a few seconds each, followed by highly-informative on-screen text that said the show is “coming soon.”

Blogging Project Runway’s research revealed their last name’s and other information about them. One of the designers wasn’t a stranger to the network: Viewers “first met [Jillian] in Project Runway Season 3 when she was featured on the ‘Road to the Runway’ episode. She tells us in her interview that she used to work for Searle,” the site reports.

Jillian Has A Last Name! and Chris Has A Last Name! [Blogging Project Runway]