Gordon Ramsay didn’t really burn his balls

Gordon Ramsay’s story about burning his testicle while cooking was not, as it turns out, true. While I speculated that it might just be a publicity stunt for his new FOX show Kitchen Nightmares, which debuts next week, the story apparently had more to do with covering for his embarrassment over a medical concern.

Tara Ramsay said that her husband was not injured while cooking. “I have to set the story straight here and I’m going to blush as I say it, as it’s a very personal subject,” she told ITV’s This Morning, according to Digital Spy.

“As with all men you have to check regularly and he had a dull ache in one of his testicles and so he went to have it checked. You know Gordon, it’s a red rag to a bull, he gets really excited at the story he can make up. We were at an awards that night and the moment we stepped out, he was questioned on it. You could see he was just brimming with excitement at the fact, ‘I know what I’m going to say, I burnt it,'” she said.

Tara Ramsay also revealed that Gordon Ramsay’s balls are totally fine. “The dull ache is absolutely fine. All checked and all fine…It’s old age,” she said.

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