Drew Lachey fills in for Samantha Harris as co-host of Dancing with the Stars

Samantha Harris’ (apparently temporary) replacement on Dancing with the Stars 5 is the show’s second-season winner, Drew Lachey. He was previously announced as the host of the upcoming spin-off, Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.

For now, though, he is “filling in while Samantha’s on maternity leave,” host Tom Bergeron said–actually, shouted–at one point, and during the show he made fun of Drew during by calling him a “stand-in” or saying things like, “this is not Samantha Harris.” Oh, Tom, so witty.

Despite being assigned the same role as Samantha, which primarily consists of interviewing the celebrities and dancers backstage before repeating the same voting information over and over again, Drew managed to get through it without stumbling. And while he didn’t make any sodomy jokes this time, he did bring a bit more attitude than Samantha usually has. For example, he blamed Len’s criticism on his age and said he needs Geritol. However, Drew’s range of references appears to largely be limited to his experience on the show; he kept comparing celebrities’ scores to his own.

In other news, the show is now accepting votes via text message, at least for those who have AT&T cell phones. Tom Bergeron derisively said that if you vote by texting, “you’ll have the smug satisfaction of being cutting-edge.” And if you press mute every time Tom comes on the screen, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re missing absolutely nothing.