Jessica and America’s Player Eric both voted out of Big Brother on the same night

And America’s Player is no more. What began as a stupid exercise evolved into a game-changing twist, but then quickly became annoying when America’s Player forgot to play for America–or even himself.

Lovers Eric and Jessica were both voted out of the Big Brother 8 house after a double-eviction episode last night. Jessica left first, evicted after Daniele and Dick voted against her; Eric’s viewer-chosen vote was for Jameka, because all of the sappy editing of him fawning over Jessica apparently worked.

On the couch with Julie, Jessica said, “my feelings for him were real.” In his taped mesage to her, Eric said, “I don’t think you know how much I need you here, and how much I want you here. I am going to be a maniac for as long as I stay, fighting for your honor. Jessica, I love you.”

He fought for her honor for about another half-hour, but failed and was voted out. On the couch with Julie, Eric, too, said that he actually liked Jessica. “It wasn’t a showmance whatsoever, Julie,” he said. “It was genuine, honest feelings; it was in no way part of my game whatsoever.” No kidding. Julie actually asked a follow-up question (holy crap, she may just become a journalist yet) about whether the romance hurt his game. Eric insisted, “Absolutely not. She was a perfect partner tried and true.”

The “fast forward” episode unfolded relatively smoothly, save for an allegation of cheating and fundamental unfairness regarding America’s Player voting. During the live vote to evict Jessica, Julie explained that Eric would still work for America–that is, viewers of the show watching it in real-time on the east coast. While there was an America’s Player vote, for who Eric should get nominated, it occurred only during the commercial break, and the west coast got screwed, as did any person watching on a DVR.

Dick became the new HOH, and of course nominated Eric for eviction. But first, via a “secret message,” Julie informed Eric that “America” (e.g., hardly anyone) voted for Eric to get Daniele nominated; she asked Daniele to lead the houseguests back inside, which was the signal to Eric. Still, he barely tried to get her nominated, saying something jokingly about Dick nominating Daniele, which of course would never happen.

Dick nominated Jameka and Eric, and then everyone played the POV competition, which was called “Niagra balls.” The houseguests had to find green balls among 5,000 that fell on their heads and bounced around. Zach won, but first Jameka accused Eric of cheating, placing a blue ball in her container. “I did not put that in there Julie!” she said. “Julie, I did not put that in there. Please look at the tapes!” Julie ignored her. Later, Jameka suggested that the ball may have just bounced into her container.

At the veto meeting, Eric said: “I have no friends on this jury, I haven’t won a competition in weeks, give me a fair chance to play this game.” Zach did not veto his nomination. Moments later, before the vote, Eric told everyone, “Obviously I’m disappointed and surprised to be in this position right now,” desperate and shocked that the producer’s manipulation wasn’t going to save him any more.

Eric was evicted by both Zach and Daniele; now he can go make out with Jessica at the jury house, and since there are apparently no cameras there, decide if their relationship is real or not. And now, Jameka and Zach need to align and destroy Dick and Daniele, primarily Dick.

Outside of the house, America’s Player, who received $40,000 for completing his tasks, had his final words with Julie Chen. “I feel like I could play the best game I possibly could under the circumstances. I had obstacles that nobody else had to deal with in this house. I’m not surprised by what happened, and the people who did it me would have been long gone if the decisions had been in my hands,” he said. While Eric said he appreciated the opportunity to be America’s Player, “at the same time, things would have unfolded very differently in this house if I had my complete say in the matter. … It was my job to honor America’s wishes … they were pulling for the people that sent me out of this house.” At least he’s not bitter.