Jameka disqualified because of accidental ball bounce, CBS confirms

In its recap of last night’s double-eviction episode of Big Brother 8, Entertainment Weekly reports on Jameka’s disqualification from the POV game.

Julie Chen informed Jameka that she’d been disqualified because a blue ball ended up in her tube, which was supposed to be filled with green balls only. EW’s Lynette Rice reports, “I checked late last night with a network spokesperson; a blue ball did accidentally bounce into Jameka’s tube, leading to her inexplicable disqualification. (I’m going to have to believe this rule was explained to her during the commercial break.)”

Certainly the rule was explained to them, or just made up after it happened. Whatever occurred, this is yet another example of the show’s shoddy challenges–why were the tubes open to the air when balls were falling from above, however improbable it may be that one would land in a tube?–and the producers’ tendency to make up rules as they go along.

And why disqualify her for bad luck? Ultimately, since she wasn’t evicted, it didn’t really matter; even if she’d won the veto and Zach had gone up, Eric would have still left. (In the event of a tie vote, Dick would have broken it, sending Eric home.) But the show damages its credibility when it pulls crap like this, not that credibility seems to matter.

Win, Place, or Showmance? [Entertainment Weekly]