Jameka out as Dick and Daniele’s reconciliation storyline comes together

At the start of Big Brother 8‘s third-to-last episode, Julie Chen read off her script, “Who would have guessed 74 days ago that estranged father and daughter Dick and Daniele would be united as a pair in the final four?” I don’t know; maybe the producers who were so desperate for this storyline they’ve done everything in their power to make sure it continued? “This is the season of the Donatos,” Dick said at one point during the episode, and they might as well use that as the show’s tagline.

I’m officially over this season, and am kind of pissed we have to wait another week for the finale. At least there’s no Sunday episode. I hate all of these people–or to be less harsh and Dick-like, I’m just tired of them. We finally got footage from the jury house, and of more people I can’t stand.

Everything on these latest episodes is just stuff we’ve seen before. Zach and Jameka praying to monks chanting is neither annoying or funny because it’s been overdone. Zach and Jameka’s strategizing was not enough and was too little, too late. Dick’s anger is now transparent and uninteresting; when he feels powerless or threatened or artificially empowered, he attacks. He’s like a baby with a sexist, misogynistic vocabulary. After Daniele won the POV, he ran around screaming “game over” and called Zach a “bitch” repeatedly. Dude, at least come up with a new name to call people.

About the only thing new last night was something that’s rarely (if ever) made an appearance on Big Brother: the voice-over. Zach read the rules for the POV competition, and as he talked, the audio changed, making it clear that he’d been asked to read them again. Were the rules changed, or was the audio just poor for some unknown reason? Will this just fuel conspiracy theories, like the one about Dick’s mysterious blue ball?

“I’m going home,” Jameka said after the POV competition, and that was an absolute certainty. The only surprise came during the POV ceremony, when Daniele did her part to help the producers continue their narrative by vetoing her dad’s nomination. She gave a quasi-literate speech about that basically explained that she was returning the favor, since he did the same for her earlier this season. All together now: awwbarf.

The only chance of a Donato not winning comes from the HOH competition, which began in the episode’s final minutes; we left Dick, Daniele, and Zach while standing on pretend carrots being drenched with water, jumping over a pole with a fake rabbit attached. The winner of that competition was revealed on the live feeds overnight, and it is (highlight to read)  Zach  , who will go on to part three, competing against the winner of part two. (Unbelievably, or perhaps not, the producers’ stupid spinning rabbit broke in the middle of the competition, which may or may not have affected the outcome.) The HOH will be in the final two along with whoever s/he selects, and that will unfold during Thursday night’s live show. And then on Tuesday, it will be over.