God’s Warriors documentary debuts tonight on CNN

CNN’s God’s Warriors a three-part special documentary series, debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET with “Jewish Warriors.” “Muslim Warriors” follows Wednesday at 9, and “Christian Warriors” airs Thursday at 9. (Needless to say, it has nothing to do with Marguerite Perrin.)

Reported by Christiane Amanpour, the six-hour series explores “the impact of the rise of religious fundamentalism as a powerful political force in three faiths: Judaism, Islam and Christianity,” according to a CNN press release. Specifically, she “reports that during the last 30 years, each faith has exploded into a powerful political force, comprised of followers — ‘God’s warriors’ — who share a deep dissatisfaction with modern society, and a fierce determination to place God and religion back into daily life and to the seats of power. Their political and cultural struggles to save the world from what they view as secular materialism, greed and sexual corruption have caused anger, division and fear.”

Amanpour says, “There are millions of people around the world who feel that their faith is being ignored — pushed aside — and they are certain they know how to make the world right. We cannot and should not ignore them. And, with this report, we’ve tried to explain them.”

Variety’s Brian Lowry argues that the documentary is “a welcome use of the news network’s resources, as opposed to trying to out-Fox Fox News or out-sleaze TMZ.com on Paris Hilton exclusives,” and says that while it’s “goal was not to judge these ‘warriors’ but simply ‘to explain them,’ that’s virtually impossible given the touchiness of the subject matter.” And Newsday’s Verne Gay says the documentary “is an estimable achievement, even for a subject that has been relentlessly worked over by hundreds of scholars, journalists and book authors in recent years,” and says “Amanpour and her team seem to capture the essence of a hugely important moment in world history, and with the exception of the title, do so without hyperbole or histrionics.”

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