Madonna’s brother appeared on Top Chef 3

Last night’s episode of Top Chef 3 had an uncredited guest appearance by Madonna’s younger brother.

Christopher Ciccone was the diner in the “Garage” teams’ restaurant who made bitchy comments, Towleroad noticed. The site suggests he “should appear as a judge on every episode, because, like Simon Cowell, Ciccone does not mince his words when it comes to judging what’s put before him.”

Among other things, he told Dale that lamb “wasn’t cooked properly. I thought it tasted like metal.” He also said, “if that’s a vegetable medley, I’m a monkey.” And, of course, he ripped their stupid decision to place scented candles on the tables, which also irritated judge Ted Allen.

Despite being on screen for only a few seconds, Ciccone was at least as entertaining than the undercover food blogger (The Strong Buzz‘s Andrea Strong, who Gawker suggests “was just mean” but was “the sole arbiter of taste at the judge’s table”) that the producers had comment about the food; perhaps they should have used him, too.

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