Madonna’s “annoying” brother shows up again before Top Chef drops one of its best chefs

After last week’s uncredited appearance on Top Chef 3 as a bitchy diner in one of the faux restaurants created by the two teams, Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone made a credited appearance on last night’s show.

The teams had to re-open their restaurants, and the producers had Ciccone essentially design the small spaces. Tom Colicchio told the chefs, “We’ve also managed to pull in some extra help at a very late notice: renowned restaurant and interior designer Christopher Ciccone. We’ve asked him to work with you to fine-tune your concept and design.”

In an interview, Dale told us, “I guess karma’s a bitch, because the designer is the asshole from the night before, Chris. He is definitely one of the most annoying people I’ve ever met in my life. Him being Madonna’s brother really doesn’t save him.” He met with each team, shown only briefly, and the editors showed us members of each team praising his suggestions, including Dale.

On his blog, Tom explains the judges’ stupid-ass decision to send Tre, one of the best chefs left, home instead of the other idiots on his team. Tom says, as he’s said in the past, that the judges “judge based on the performance in that episode. We all thought Tre was someone who should’ve been in the finale. I have been to his restaurant Abacus in Dallas; Tre does a great job, and he also was a total class act all the way through.”

Why kick him off? Because, Tom says, of “all the dishes he was responsible for. So we felt the salmon dish was not great universally — conceptually it was a bad dish. I thought the scallop was good, not great. That beef dish that we’d commented on the day before and said we didn’t care for it? He didn’t change it! … He was running the kitchen with no intensity, it was very lackadaisical. I never got a sense that they were really pushing it, and they weren’t cooking as if their chance of staying in the competition depended on it. I think Tre was responsible for setting that tone.”

Using the same logic, and judging the judges based upon their performance last night alone, it seems they’re responsible for making it clear that Top Chef is in no way about finding the best chef in the group (the, um, top chef).

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