Real World 20 will film in Hollywood; cast has “entertainment career goals”

For its 20th season, The Real World will return to a city it previously filmed in, just as it did for the 10th season. The Real World Hollywood will tape this fall in Los Angeles and debut near year.

Among the seven cast members will be Daytona Beach resident PretyBoy, who was selected by an online vote, and a bunch of wannabe stars. The show’s creator, Jon Murray, said in a statement that “most of this year’s cast hope to pursue their entertainment career goals while living in the Real World house.” He said that’s “[m]uch like our LA cast 14 years ago.” As if that’s any different than most of the show’s cast members over the past 14 years.

The show will also become green, integrating environmentally friendly technology into the house. MTV’s press release about the new season describes the changes in detail:

“‘The Real World’ house will include everything from solar energy solutions to bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, some sustainable furniture and recycled vintage dcor, energy star appliances, a solar heated swimming pool and energy efficient lighting. Additionally, Bunim-Murray Productions has taken measures to reduce its environmental impact by adopting more environmentally-sound production practices on set. They also are working towards making the production and show carbon-neutral by offsetting remaining carbon emissions after these carbon reducing measures are applied. Eco-friendly elements will be added on a regular basis throughout production and within the show, including products seen with the cast and around the house.”

MTV’s president, Christina Norman, said, “Our environment is changing, and young people are realizing that the choices they make in their daily lives can affect the future of the world they live in. The Real World has a longstanding history of tackling the issues facing each generation of MTV viewers and, this season, we wanted to empower our audience by incorporating real, actionable solutions that they can take to make their own homes environmentally friendly.”

That’s impressive and an excellent example. But isn’t a little more pressing concern for this generation that the cast tends to be a bunch of people with severe drinking and anger-management problems? And wouldn’t MTV be setting a better example for its viewers by, say, not filling the house with drunks who just want to be on television?

MTV Celebrates Season 20 of “The Real World” by Rolling Out the Green Carpet in Hollywood, California [MTV press release]