The Hills’ return was the highest-rated show among 12- to 34-year-olds on all channels

The big payoff–Lauren’s confrontation with Heidi on the season premiere of The Hills–paid off big for MTV. An average of
3.6 million viewers watched, but it was among

The show was the top-rated show among 12- to 34-year-olds on “all broadcast and cable networks in the timeslot,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. In other words, it beat even networks in that age group. (Then again, the network’s choices at 10 were reruns of Supernanny and CSI: Miami, and Dateline.)

Its ratings among that age group were “the best ever for a Hills showing and the highest rated telecast so far this year for the network,” according to Broadcasting & Cable. It was also “up 20% in the demo over the first season’s debut and up 44% over the second.”

Between episodes, the drama continues: Radar caught Spencer lying to Entertainment Weekly and TMZ says the ring “is a big fat FAKE” and “the pink diamond is really a lavender, lemon amethyst,”

Regarding Heidi, Lauren told Ryan Seacrest “I miss her personality — because she is not the same person anymore.” She also said, “I can see us getting to not hating each other but I don’t think we would ever go back to being best friends.” But Heidi told Us Weekly, “We really don’t care. There will be no reconciliation!”

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