Jeff Gordon “has not agreed to participate” in celebrity Apprentice, nor have other celebs

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon has not been signed as a cast member for The Apprentice 7, contrary to what Donald Trump reportedly said.

Page Six reported Monday that Gordon–along with 10 other celebrities–had “already signed” on for the show, and uncharacteristically, the gossip column actually had a named source: Donald Trump himself.

However, Jeff Gordon’s spokesperson Jon Edwards told the Detroit Free Press that the driver “has not agreed to participate. They contacted me with very little specifics, and I explained that I highly doubt that Jeff would be able to participate because taping coincides with the ‘Chase for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup.’ I asked for more information before I reviewed with Jeff, and I have received nothing,” he said.

That doesn’t entirely rule out Jeff Gordon’s participation, of course, but clearly, it’s far from assured. How many of the other 10 celebrities Trump named have also not yet signed on?

Update: A Trump spokesperson told the Free Press that “none of those names are confirmed or signed.” So, either Trump was boasting or Page Six’s reporting was inaccurate.

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