Survivor China’s cast revealed

The 16 men and women who will compete on Survivor China have been revealed. One of those cast members had previously been confirmed: WWE star Ashley Massaro, who was recruited by producers.

As a group, they’re somewhat younger than last season, although nine of them are in their 20s, compared to 10 last season. However, the oldest two members are just 40 and 48; Survivor Fiji had three people in their 50s.

TV Guide talks to Jeff Probst, who gives his thoughts on each cast member. It also reports that the show was “granted unprecedented access to some of China’s greatest sites, including the Shaolin Temple and the Great Wall,” and will set Tribal Council in “[a] 100-foot-tall replica of a historic temple has been built as the tribal-council set.” The cast members also got a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Here’s the cast, dived by tribe and identified by age, hometown, and occupation, according to TV Guide:

Zhan Hu (Fighting Tiger) tribe

  • Peih-Gee Law, 29, Marina Del Rey, California; music-video dancer turned jeweler
  • Dave Cruser, 37, Simi Valley, California; model/actor turned bartender
  • Erik Huffman, 26, Nashville, Tennessee; musician, model
  • Ashley Massaro, 28, East Northport, New York; WWE SmackDown Diva, beauty queen, reality-show host
  • Michael “Frosti” Zernow, 20, Chicago; film student, parkour expert
  • Sherea Lloyd, 26, Atlanta; fourth-grade teacher
  • Jaimie Dugan, 22, Columbia, South Carolina; college student
  • Steve “Chicken” Morris, 48, Marion, Virginia; former bouncer/fish breeder/logger turned chicken-farmer

Fei Long (Flying Dragon) tribe

  • Aaron Reisberger, 32, Venice, California; surfing instructor, bartender, restaurant manager
  • Courtney Yates, 26, New York City; waitress
  • Amanda Kimmel, 23, Kalispell, Montana; hiking tour guide, beauty pageant winner
  • Jean-Robert Bellande, 36; Las Vegas; professional poker player
  • Leslie Nease, 38, Tega Cay, South Carolina; Christian-radio host, fitness instructor
  • Denise Martin, 40, Douglas, Massachusetts; school lunch lady, black belt in karate
  • Todd Herzog, 22, Pleasant Grove, Utah; flight attendant
  • James Clement, 30, Lafayette, Louisiana; burial service owner, grave digger
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